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Private Appointments


30 Mins Session

This session is perfect for 1 person who is looking to get 1 standard medium or 2 small designs







1 Hour session

This session is good for 1 person who is looking to have a heavier   designs or 2 persons who is looking for 4 simple designs

Personal appointments are only held in the studio by appointment only

Party Henna


 Here are few lists of occasions we can serve  your  guests with a little touch of  traditional art of  Henna

  ( Minimum 2 hours booking required )

  • Sangeet party / Mehendi night

  • Baby shower

  • Charity / Fundraiser / Library program

  • Birthday party

  • Summer party

  • Chaad Raat/ Eid / Diwali / Puja / Karma Chauth

  • and More !!!!

 We provide a free 15 mins consultation including selecting          3-4 henna designs for your guests. An elegant simple design  takes 8-10 mins/ guest, so about 8-10 people can be covered per  hour.


Engagement Henna


                 Takes about 1-1.5 hours


 This session is perfect for engagement or nikah at home.This  package includes very simple palm design ( Wrist to 1 finger  angle design) and medium design on the other side . We will .  consult to find the minimal yet mesmerizing design for your  special day .



Engagement henna  appointments are only held in the studio appointment only

Bridal Henna Packages

It’s your special day. We are here to deliver you a great quality henna service. Let us know what you have in your mind or if you have no idea, we can help you create an elegant design.

We provide a free 30 mins bridal consultation over the phone including selecting henna design based on your preference.


Bridal henna pricing is based on the complexity and length of the design. To make it easier for, you we have made packages listed below :

Ready to book?

Please Email me at your inquiry with the following details:

Wedding date

Henna location

Choice of packages

Contact number

When you are ready to confirm, just sign the agreement and a deposit will secure your booking

Classic Bridal Henna


Want to keep it simple and sweet? Do you believe that less is more? This package is for you . Enjoy coverage of full palms and backs of the hands, extending till wrist . Time required 3-4  hours depending upon the intricacy of the design

Petite Feet Henna 


This selection includes simple strip style design or small mandala on tops of feet, plus toes. Time Required 30 mins 

Modern Bridal Henna


This is a very popular package. It includes   traditional Indian design on palms ,top of the hand and extending till mid arm (half way between wrist and elbow)  .Time required 4 to 6 hours depending upon the intricacy of the design

Elegant Feet Henna 


This selection includes semi-full coverage Indian henna designs on tops of feet, ending at the ankle.  Time Required 1-2 hours

Traditional Bridal Henna


This package is for the bride who wants to go all out with traditional intricate Indian Design which includes intricate custom henna on palms, forearms all the way to elbow. Time required 7-9 hours depending upon the intricacy of the design

Extragavagant Feet Henna 


 This selection includes semi-full coverage Indian  henna designs on tops of feet, ending at the mid calf.   Time Required: 3-5 hour

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